company Services


General commodities & agricultural products

   We import and provide agricultural products,frozen products for interested buyers in China.

   Vinardo also provides registration service for manufacturers and distributors out of China to get them registered and approved by CNCA to meet its           business partners to expand market share in China.


Metals & Solid Minerals

We are a commodity trading company based in Hong Kong that offers premium, and affordable products to buyers all over the world.

To mine, process and export metals and solid minerals found in abundance in Nigeria and other source countries. Iron ore, tin, potassium, granite, gypsum, zinc and other rare earth minerals are sourced and exported by us.

Solid Minerals


medical supplies

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Vinardo team has been busy helping its clients to outsource COVID related medical supplies. Such as all types of disposable mask, surgical gown, PVC Vinyl and nitrile examination gloves, protective gowns, face masks, face shield, syringes, and oxygen concentrator. 

We can customize the products as per client’s demand,contributing our efforts to fight against the pandemic.



Industrial valves

VND Valve,a subsidiary of Vinardo Industry Company Limited, was founded in 2016. It manufactures various industrial valves according to ANSI, API, DIN, BS and JIS standards under ISO 9001 certified processes.

We have approvals of CE/PED, API-6D, API600,API603,API607,API608 and OHSAS certifications, providing competitive and superior valves, favorable delivery time and accurate documentation services.